Assignment #2

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Hailey McLaughlin

497 Angliana Ave. Lexington, Ky 40508



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Dear Editors,

I have enclosed #BigBlueNation, Love, and Looks.


My writing is appealing to all age demographics due to its connection to the inward and outward appearances of everyday people and things. I try to focus on the relationship between nature and unspoken communication. Having spent years associating with a wide range of personalities through the equine industry as well as nature and its offerings, I have a wide selection of thoughtful pieces on the interrelationship between outward appearance and your surroundings. My writing focuses more on the small, interworking pieces of big pictures.


I am currently an undergrad in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies department at the University of Kentucky. I am a senior living off campus, often writing about my three canines and giving them their verbal personalities based on their nonverbal communication.

I  write for a local craft bourbon distillery as well as a local country music artist that enjoys how my writing focuses on the interrelationship between people and their properties. I am the sole creator of four Instagrams for four  different businesses, writing about their livelihood.

I want to thank you for your consideration and your time to read my work.


Hailey McLaughlin

University of Kentucky

B.S. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies


In the #BigBlueNation, everything isn’t big and blue.

Sure, campus signs,

maps, paw prints, t-shirts are blue, but so are other things.

Backpacks are blue.

They are Patagonia brand trimmed in orange with darker blue coffee stains.

Recycling bins are blue.

They are cheep “one-size-fits -all” trash bags inside standard blue cans on every corner.

Big Blue Nation is the “STOP: only service animals allowed” signs on every entrance.

It is the blue construction crane across the street, building more blue things.

It is the blue UK shirt on nearly 50% of students.

#BigBlueNation is the blue #Lexington banners hanging from light posts through every season.

It is the blue emergency “safe place” post.

#BigBlueNation is B-L-U-E Cats Cats Cats.



She played with his hair as he slept. She knew he didn’t notice but she did it anyways.

Fluffy, scrambled eggs with one round piece of mild sausage, covered up with a paper towel. Left for her in the microwave.

The dog food container cleaned and refilled. The heavy Nutro Dog bag set aside.

The wooden cabinet door under the sink with the old screw threads glued back together, being held up by a book to dry.

The “you pick the movie” Netflix night with home-made red caramel apples with rainbow sprinkles.

Going to sleep with the dogs at our feet and smiles on their faces.




She doesn’t own a pair of cowgirl boots.

She’s never heard the phrase

blame it on my roots.


Her hair extensions

are almost bullet proof

with clouds of hairspray

filling up her bedroom


She doesn’t own any cutoffs.

She’d never be caught carrying a knockoff

Her nails are polished and expensive

Her SunTanCity membership is endless


She’s a material girl.





For this set of poems, I chose to submit to Sediments Literary Arts Journal. They were calling for all forms of writing including poetry by beginners trying to “scrape the surface”. I chose #BigBlueNation because of its relationship to the youth the are trying to reach with their publications. With #BigBlueNation I added the hashtag and tried to play with the line sequence best I could with what wordpress would allow. I added a lot to my “love” poem. I wanted to show that love isn’t this huge dramatic fairytale but a sequence of daily tasks that show how love is a lot of small things that create something big at the same time. With “Looks”, it was originally written as a song that was supposed to turn into a positive about how looks aren’t always where the story ends but I had a very difficult time coming up with positive qualities from someone who cares so much about outwards appearance. For this reason, I chose to write exactly what this girl was: a materialistic person. I thought this one was especially perfect for Sediments because of their tendency to “question [their] reality”.

My second set of poems was submitted to Twisted Vine. They were calling for nature oriented fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art. The first piece I chose was Parenthood. I wrote this piece to describe the relationship between pet and “parent”. I wanted to put into words the seemingly mundane things we do for our pets that become routine. No matter what I am eating, my dog gets the last bite. The next poem I chose was inspired by another piece I wrote, Penrose. I took prose and made it into a poem, one I tried to make the shape of a carrot. My last poem was Tree-stand. Probably the most fitting of my submissions, this one demonstrates my relationship with nature that I found upon my first sit in a tree-stand. It can truly be an eye opening experience that gives you a new appreciation for the world around you.


Brown eyes peered up at me out of black lashes.

Patiently waiting, nose quivering as he inhaled the taste of my pizza.

Cheese with mushrooms and peppers

Cheese slid off the crust and went splat on the plate.

He licked his lips, long tongue flicking.

Tail gently sweeping the floor, he gave his final plea,

The last piece was always his.



The dusty gravel drive, always reliable,

led the short way to my paradise.

the green and tan paint chips,

the scent of mowed grass.

Velvet muzzles greet me,

eager for their treats.

8 stalls of paradise,

their contents

all for



Quiet surrounds me.

Even my bones dared to make a sound.

Birds in their nests, bunnies in their burrows,

deer holding their breath.

Gently, they collapse into their routine,

forgetting my existence.

High above the ground, I observe their Kingdom.