Assignment #4

Table Hound

You bite,

you gnaw,

you give it a chew,

But it does not give as easy as shoes

It’s bones are firm and made of wood,

four legs, no arms, but holds our food.

You grab a leg and go to town,

“You can’t take me you silly hound!”

but you try your best to no avail,

it would wag in your face if it had a tail.

You scrunch your face and hang your ears

Death Trap

The washer.

The dryer.

And the washer again.

My bulbs are out

and my pockets are thin.

The dishes are dirty,

and the garbage disposal clogged,

not to mention the floor,

I owe that to the dog.

The mattress is sinking

and so is the floor,

just that one spot, right by the door.

But I pay my rent and I rest my head

Cause at the end of the day,

I have a bed.

My Shadow

Wherever I go you are soon behind.

My little shadow, not hard to find.

At the foot of the bed, or in my arms,

your little black face, so full of charm.

Your paws are there, right as I’m typing,

fopweio dsjklcpeqwo90-e89rel

pressing all the keys, boy was that frightening.

Wherever I go, your tail is thumping,

against the wall so I know that you’re coming.

You are my shadow and I am your person.

I go, you go, of that I’m certain.


I chose two older poems that I revised as well as wrote an entirely new one. All are new pieces I have not submitted before. I chose to submit to Public Pool because I have taken a keen interest in poetry. As I have begun songwriting, my poetry has progressed an I have been doing it more often. My dog is an inspiration for me and given Public Pools quote that they “seek to nurture the citizen within the poet and the poet within the citizen”, I thought these lighthearted poems would be perfect. I adjusted my spacing, capitalization, and format for all the poems though I did not add or take away any lines. I have found that short and sweet is the way to go when I am writing about my dog because their attention span is, quite honestly, short and sweet. Throughout the semester, I have really developed my writing style as well as found my niche within the writing community. My love of poetry has transformed into something more profound. Many poems I have written have developed into successful songs for a local artist and it has encouraged me to keep writing.