Rich White Men Aren’t Hate, Hate is Hate

He grew up in Knoxville, TN in a three bedroom ranch home. He had two brothers, three sisters, and his two parents under one roof. His two brothers were lost at a young age. One was lost due to illness and another was lost when a baseball struck his chest and stopped his heart in little league baseball. As the remaining son, his parents cast him aside.

They couldn’t bear to lose another son, so they pretended they didn’t have one. He worked to pay for his own car, groceries, and school, like many do, though his sisters were provided for. His parents didn’t have much to give to begin with, being a white lower-class family living in what was then farm country.

But he was determined to provide his future family with more than he was given. He worked several jobs through high-school. He was able to purchase his first car. Although you could see the road beneath his feet, it would drive him to work instead of walking or taking the bus.

He was able to put himself through college, saving money and putting in his hours. He graduated and was able to acquire his first brokerage firm job in Chicago. It was apparent he had what it took and was taken on by a firm back home in Tennessee. He was soon sought after by many stock broking firms before arriving at one of the most prestigious private firms in the country.

He has been on the list of top 1,000 stock brokers in the USA year after year. But he is not the hateful, selfish, rich, white male that the media often attacks.

He is the Boys & Girls club sending lower class students, like he once was, to college. He is the new swimming pool in their recreational center that gives underprivileged youth a place to express themselves and interact in a positive way.

He is the brand new exhibit at the Knoxville Zoo and an advocator for captive animal welfare.

He is the $13 million dollar cathedral that was built for the city of Knoxville through his fundraising.  He is the church that once kept him from losing faith and pushed him to be MORE. He is the giver that expanded that church so more like him could become more.

He is the benefactor behind the Children’s Hospital and the mentor of more than just his family.

He is the loving father that gave everything for his children so that they could have the opportunities he didn’t. He is the loving father that also taught his children respect and integrity. He is the father that taught them to give without asking for anything in return and to appreciate the value of a dollar.

He was once a lower class white male. Some would now call him a rich white male.

To me, he is just my Dad. He is not full of hate. He is not made of money, and is not selfish with what he has. He is not racist, a bigot, a sexist. He is kind, generous, accepting, and fair.

The rich white male is not the problem.

HATE is the problem

My Shadow

Wherever I go you are soon behind

My little shadow, not hard to find.

At the foot of the bed, or in my arms

Your little black face, so full of charm.


Your paws are there, right as I’m typing

fopweio dsjklcpeqwo90-e89rel

Pressing all the keys, boy was that frightening.


Wherever I go, your tail is thumping,

Against the wall so I know that you’re coming


You are my shadow and I am your person

I go, you go, of that I’m certain.


To Degree, or Not to Degree

I have realized the unthinkable truth….it is now more difficult to get a job with my degree, than it ever was to get a job in high-school.

I have applied with countless companies, have a resume pages and pages long, have done my community service and have almost completed my degree with at least a 3.6 every semester.

Though it seems having good grades, a great resume, and an excellent academic track record isn’t enough anymore.

I was used to walking right into a restaurant, department store, gym, equine facility, or ice cream shop and just automatically getting a job on the spot. I had never heard no from an employer.

Now I hover over my phone and my email, waiting for responses from employers that haven’t come. Have I wasted my degree? Should I have learned a trade? Do employers even care about a degree anymore?

I find myself coming to the conclusion that I have wasted my academic career or that I have not completed it. Will it make a difference if I go to grad school?

I am waiting for someone to give me a chance to prove to them, and myself, that my degree was not a waste.



You’re Still Here

I went down to the river

About 10 o’clock

No care in the world

Just me and my thoughts


I used to sit here with you

And wed drink a few down

Just hidin’ from our parents

As they went out on the town


I’m not sad as I remember the pain

Cause the day we lost you

I knew we’d see you again




Cause when someone is gone they never really leave

All the memories of him are right here with me

As I sit by the river he’s here on these rocks

Same as we were but this time he’s in my thoughts



Instrumental Break


I know he’s here its crystal clear

If only we could speak

But these memories on the river bank

Are something you cant beat


I went down to the river

About 10 o’clock

No care in the world

Just you in my thoughts


Cause when someone is gone they never really leave

All the memories of him are right here with me

As I sit by the river he’s here on these rocks

Same as we were but this time he’s in my thoughts


Diamond in the Mud

She’s got a pair of Justin’s, and a baseball cap

her faded t-shirt, tied up in the back

She’s rough around the edges, but she shines just the same

with those big green eyes, and her calling my name


Oh I can’t tell

If she’s a diamond in the rough

or a diamond in the mud

Her curvy tan legs got me feeling the kind of stuff

that you don’t get, out here on your own

and I know…..


That she can hang with the boys,

and throw a few down,

she’s one of those things, you can’t live without

and I know….

she’s the diamond I’ve been looking for



To be continued…

Somewhere in the Middle

G      D

Not a sinner, not a preacher

C       G

No dumbass, but not a teacher


G                D

I’m not a drunkard, but I’m not sober

C                G

not a gambler, but not bad at poker



I’m not bossy, I’m not peaceful


I like to stir it up, but I’m not evil




C                         G

yeah I’m an average joe, never gonna change me

C                G

I’m set in my ways, right there in the middle




I’m somewhere in the middle, not great but ain’t bad either

Always getting there but no destination

For the middle man in me

I go to work and I cash my check, take care of the ones I love

But as for the kind of man I am….

I’m somewhere in the middle

G                D

I’m not a redneck. but no city slicker

C       G

got rhythm, but no dancer either

G                D

I’m not carless, but I’m sure not careful

C                G

I’m not aggressive, but I’m not gentle

I’m not an outlaw, but I bend the rules

I’m not a loser, but I’m not that cool


Yeah I’m on my way, gonna do the best I can

Old faithful, right there in the middle


I’m somewhere in the middle, not great but ain’t bad either

Always getting there but no destination

For the middle man in me

I go to work and I cash my check, take care of the ones I love

But as for the kind of man I am….

I’m somewhere in the middle











False Accusations

Now this really makes my blood boil. As someone who’s family has already undergone very real and very aggressive court hearings for a sexual assault/abuse case, the people who file false accusations to make a quick profit make me physically sick. As someone who’s family was threatened and their daughter/sister was beaten to the point of hospitalization, I know that YOU are the type of person that made it possible for her abuser to walk free. So here is an open letter to the “woman”, there is a more appropriate word that comes to mind when I think of you, that broke my brother.

You saw an opportunity in your drunken stupor to lash out against my brother because he was going to a bachelors party that you didn’t want him to go to.

You punched him, scratched him, kicked him, and damaged his property. When he asked you to please move your things out when you were sober, you threw yourself to the ground and started yelling for help. He called your friend to come get you because he didn’t know what to do. When your friend got there, he saw you rolling around on the ground yelling “Reid hurt me, Reid hurt me!” and when asked if you wanted to be taken to the hospital you said no and got right up off the ground. Your friend took you home without a mark on you except for the bruises you acquired on your shins from falling down drunk. My brother on the other hand was left with a destroyed apartment, bruises down his arms, and a phone call from the police.

You told your dead beat Dad that Reid had abused you. He saw an opportunity to cure his financial troubles, not to help the daughter he left behind. A phone call was made to the police and a report was filed. You were still drunk the next day while talking to officers……

When you had sobered up you called my brother sobbing. You “didn’t mean it” you were “just drunk and mad he was going to the strip club with friends for the bachelor party”. You said no charges are ever going to be made and if he would please take you back…..

Today, December 5th, he sits in court while you go to graduation parties. Although you didn’t press charges, court was necessary for the report filed. Your false accusations could have ruined his entire future with his company. He has paid with lawyers, court fees, and his time. YOU are the reason people like my sister, who genuinely are abused, broken, and tortured, don’t receive the justice they deserve. YOU are the reason my family is in turmoil because of your accusations. YOU are the reason I lost my job because I had to go pick my brother up from jail while my parents were out of town.

While you go to Disney, Christmas parties, Graduation parties, think about what you’ve done. Someone who’s family treated you so well, even after you were so ungrateful, is struggling with his health, his spirit, and his future. His reputation did not falter. That at least could not be touched by your ignorance. He is loved throughout the community and by trying to ruin him, you ruined yourself. You are officially the most hated person in Knoxville.

You didn’t even show up for court or answer your phone when they called you. How can you put someone through this, admit you were wrong, beg them to take you back, then not be there for them when they need you to reverse your false accusations? But its okay. Because you are beneath him and we all know that. It’s not like we didn’t expect that.

But in January, for the second court hearing, I hope you actually show up. So that you can see what you’ve done. I hope that you know my sister was raped, tortured, and beaten by her boyfriend. THAT is something worth the lawyers, the time, the court hearings. YOU are nothing but a coward.

I hope you learn from this. I hope you grow up. I hope my brother never has to see the likes of you again. But mostly I pray for the people who still have no idea what you’ve done. You bait them on Facebook to ask you “whats wrong”. You beg for their pity. What story have you told them? It doesn’t matter. My brother is better than you. He does not speak ill of you or beg for pity.

He accepts responsibility for his actions. Which were dating your crazy ass and allowing you to take advantage of my family.

Its time for you to take responsibility for yours.